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About Shop

Welcome to Touch Of A Feather, I am so glad that you decided to scope out the website. Iʼm sure at some point in time you all wondered how did Touch Of A Feather come about?

Well In 2014 I had this bright idea out of nowhere, and yes I mean nowhere. I decided that I wanted to sell my creations on Etsy. The main reason being that I just couldnʼt stop creating, I loved Sewing, and making bags. I wanted to make bags all day and not have to worry about storing them away somewhere, because lets face it, thereʼs only so many bags one person can handle.

Now I know you guys are wondering, “uhm bags? does this chick even remember what she sells?” well yes I do remember but Iʼm getting there so bare with me!

I was instantly disappointed at the lack of knowledge I had about opening my own shop, everyone made it seem so simple. As I usually do I gave up, and I temporarily sold Mary Kay in Denver before I moved out to the Eastern Part Of Colorado.

I realized I had nothing, no skills, I couldnʼt go back to college, and I wanted to do something I loved. I considered working on learning how to groom animals, but I just couldnʼt bring myself to do it.

Then one day in 2015 I walked into the only gas station in my town, and on the bulletin board was a flyer for a little festival in a neighboring town that would be happening that summer.On the flyer it said “ Vendors Needed” I realized I could sell my bags!

It wasnʼt long before I was inspired and started picking out fabrics; I then realized I should offer something else, and I already knew that I loved making Jewelry.

So I created until I couldnʼt create anymore, and before I knew it the festival was here!

My first show will always be memorable, Spiro (My Fiance) built all my displays and we packed up my little car with everything we possibly could, (It took 2 trips to get everything there.) Lets just say we learned how to downsize for shows very quickly.

We spent the whole day under a perfect tree, making memories and sales! Everyone loved my bags, and my jewelry. I was on cloud 9! I knew in that very moment that I was ready to take on anything and everything I needed to do to make my dream come true!

It may have been a random dream, but It has been a very real one for me for the past 4 years, and everyday I strive to make Touch Of A Feather bigger and better! I strive to educate anyone who will listen to me on the wonders of crystals... but wait Iʼm getting ahead of myself.

I spent the next year making basic beaded jewelry, bracelets, and earrings, etc. I joined Instagram in October 2015, I had spent the summer joining in on any event I possibly could get into, and it gave me all the motivation I needed to start trying to sell online again.

Instagram changed my life. Without it, Touch Of A Feather wouldnʼt be half as wonderful as it is now! When I joined all I found was such incredibly talented people, and CRYSTALS CRYSTALS CRYSTALS!
I had never really been interested in crystals, I mean one time when I was in elementary school we went to a nature and science museum, I bought an amethyst keychain, and I loved it to death until I lost it.

So when I first joined Instagram, I traded some jewelry for a few amethyst stones from one of my favorite shops. I was bored one day in my craft room while my fiancé was playing video games, and all I had in front of me was wire, pliers and amethysts.

I had DREAMED of being able to grab up some wire and make something magical around something so gorgeous, but I had tried before and it was a massive fail. I just couldnʼt figure it out, there was no rules, no pattern I needed to follow. But my hands knew what to do because the crystals told them. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I was there! It was like magic. all of a sudden I had a little something wonderful in my hand.

Now donʼt get me wrong, It wasnʼt great at all. but it was good enough to hold the stone in and give me hope. Everyone I knew told me how incredible it was, even though I know for a fact now that they were only trying to encourage me. And without them I may not have continued, so remember folks, kinds words can help anyone at any time, so smile or say hi, you can change someones life.

Since that day, I havenʼt put crystals down, if anything Iʼve only grown in my craft, I keep pushing myself to learn more and to grow more. I now know so many crystals and what they do, Itʼs insane, I would have never thought that I could be here.

Touch Of A Feather has a long way to go, but we have come a long way already. I look forward to making creations every day for whomever wants one. I truly believe I was meant to educate people on the wonders of nature, Mother Earth has given us such precious gifts, I just want to revel in them.
So donʼt be shy, send me an email, or contact me on any of our Social Medias! I love to get to know the people who order my creations, you all mean something wonderful to me!

Until Next Time,