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Chapter 2: Instagram

Well hello there 🙋🏻‍♀️, Iʼm glad to see you came back for my next installment! As I promised Last week, I will be talking a little bit about something incredible that I canʼt run my business without.


Over 25 Million Businesses have an Instagram account, and work their business every single day. Most of those are small shops just like me.

I started out with zero 🚫 followers just like everyone else, I had no idea what I was doing 🤷🏻‍♀️, and it was a whole new world 🌎 that I had no idea how to join.

Shortly before I made my Instagram account @touchofafeather, I had read an article 📱 on google about a woman who made wedding hangers. You know the kind that the bride and the groom use to hang their Dress & Tux on before the wedding?


Well she mentioned a few tips on how she became so successful on this one of a kind social media:

1. Giveaways - This helps new followers find you, and recommend you to the people in their

2. Shoutouts (A.K.A “Megas”) - These are a group shout out that also helps you gain followers and exposure.

3. Message someone - Anyone! Just send a message and tell them who you are, that you just started and wanted to introduce yourself. Most people are super friendly, Instagram has a very tight knit community of creators.


So I took my new information and made a brand new ✨ account, I just started searching creative people like myself. Before I knew It I found an incredible account, who unfortunately is no longer around, but some of you might have known her : @artemis.creations.

Danielle probably has no idea but she single handedly pulled me into the community and helped me get my start. without her I may not be where I am today, and for that I am eternally grateful 💕. So I mustered up my courage 💪🏻 and I sent her a message, telling her that I was new to Instagram, and was wondering if she knew how I could join in on a Giveaway.

She referred me to another shop: @Elekmi_Creations, apparently she was the one to talk to about joining groups, so I did as she said and sure enough I was added into my very first Giveaway!

Yes, It was that easy, from there I was added into a mega, and that was the most exciting night for me 🤗, I laid in my bed and watched as almost 💯  new followers found my page, (this was back before the algorithm changed and it was totally possible to make over a hundred followers off of one shout out.)

Since that day forward, I always keep myself in groups. I join Giveaways, shoutouts, share groups, like groups and any other kind of group I manage to get in on. The biggest part of a Social Media, is the “Social” aspect of the app, Donʼt forget that.

Now there is one VERY important thing I feel like I have to mention. When you first join, donʼt get discouraged 💜, the followers might not come rolling in, you might not get as many likes as you hoped for, or even shops might ignore your messages.

Donʼt let that get you down 💫, Rome wasnʼt built in a day. As cliche as that sounds, you know Iʼm right, nothing good comes easy 🙌🏻. So put that thinking cap on 💡 and get to planning something wonderful that you want to share with the world, and just DO IT. Donʼt expect anything, just do it, because it makes you happy 😁, and before you know it, the world will see 👀 that.

As I mentioned above ☝🏻, Instagram has an incredible community ✌🏻 that I have been lucky enough to be a part of for 3 years. Instagram changes constantly, but the people never do 💗 we all support and take care of each other, because not only are we business owners, but we are all friends as well.

Back in the beginning, the first group of shop friends I made had a group that we were all a part of and we talked 👉🏻EVERYDAY👈🏻. Without that in the beginning it would have been a lot harder for me to become so in love 😘 with Instagram.

We started out doing trades and just uplifting each other, I can honestly say that I am even still in contact with almost every shop. The first contacts you make are the most important, never forget that ok?

Some of those first trades between me and other shops, were actually CRUCIAL to the start of my Crystal  💎 Love.

My first trade that started me down the crystal path was from the ever so wonderful Alicia from @Arabellacrystals (Formerly known as @mysticforestfairy) 🧚🏻‍♀️Alicia, had posted about a whole box of beads and goodies that she wanted to trade to get rid of.

Well I instantly jumped on it, and before I knew it I had made her some gorgeous feather head bands and couldnʼt wait for my goodies 😍 to arrive.

Of course the second I got them I got to work, this was where I really started playing around with the idea of Wire wrapping.

(Tip for those of you wanting to learn to wire wrap: start with a bead and not a crystal. That way the bead is secured when you start wrapping around it with designs, instead of having to figure out how to keep the darn crystal in there.)💫

Iʼm going to include some pictures at the bottom of my first wire wrapped attempts with beads, so check them out and comment below 👇🏻 what you guys think of them!

The second trade that really helped me with my wire wrapping, was a little bag of amethyst points. I traded some jewelry for a few of these babies from @dream.owl.druzy , Tanja was my biggest inspiration 💪🏻🙏🏻 when I first started. She was so incredible, so classy, poised and had this amazing business sense about her. I still consider Tanja one of my Insta besties, even though we may not talk as often as we used to.

those first crystals, that Tanja allowed me to trade for, inspired me to pick up the wire and the pliers, and make something wonderful! ok It wasnʼt “wonderful” but it was the start to something new, and was the beginning of who I am today 💁🏻‍♀️.

So you see, Instagram has been a ginormous part of my success. Without it, who knows if I would have ever started wire wrapping? So for that, and to all those people who were a part of my first days, I love you guys ❤️ and thank you so much for shaping me into this bad ass Girl Boss👩🏻‍💻.

Do you already have an Instagram? If so, comment below ⬇️ with your handle so I can follow and check out 👀 your page out!

And if you donʼt have an Instagram, what are you waiting for 🤷🏻‍♀️? It could change your life forever 👌🏻, now go create one, and comment below ⬇️with your brand new handle!

Next week Iʼm going to talk a bit more about how Crystals have touched my life, and some of the first ones I ever got to play with! So stay tuned 👀







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    Even though it’s only two blog posts at the moment, I really like your blog so far😊. Its nice to read stories of how small shops start out and for someone just starting out like me, gives me motivation and inspiration to keep working at it even if it happens slowly. Thank you for that! 🙂


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