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Grand Re-Opening!

Hello there 😊, welcome to the new website! I canʼt tell you how happy it makes me that you stopped by. I have been working hard on setting everything up for you to check out, so donʼt be shy, click all the buttons 📱 and read 👩🏻‍💻 about all the crystals!



I want to start with telling you why I wanted to move the shop; well it was time for me to renew the hosting for my old website, the past year was a bit difficult on that poor thing 🙈. It just couldnʼt keep up with how many of you peeps 👀 come check out Touch Of A Feather. Thank you so much for all your love 💕 and support over the last 3 years!


So welcome to the new and improved 🙌🏻 Touch Of A Feather! So one of the fun little benefits of moving the website to is that I can now offer you a Loyalty Program! Say what?!?! 😱


Yup Itʼs true, did you see the little tab at the bottom of your screen down at the right on the home page? It says “Rewards” thatʼs where you can see all the fun ways you can earn points towards some pretty incredible Prizes! Can you believe it, you get to enjoy all the gorgeous crystals and get rewarded for it?


And thatʼs not the only thing I have to share with you; Touch Of A Feather is now offering Payment Plans 💰💳! I like to make sure that my customers have access to all the crystals  💎 they want. As my craft grows, the materials and such grow with me. So I am willing to offer a Payment Plan option for all my Loyal Customers 🙏🏻.


Just contact me at: and we can set up a plan just for you!


Now guys, Iʼve been wanting to try something new for a while, I wanted to start a blog. However as hard as I tried, I just couldnʼt seem to find the right things to talk about and I felt silly 🙈. Well now I have something wonderful to announce!


I have started a blog on this very website, called: The Chronicles of a Girl Boss 📓 I am so excited to share my journey with those who are willing to listen. I have experienced so much since I started my own business, and I wouldnʼt change any of it for the world 🌅. However I wish I would have had a little more direction 📲 in those beginning phases. I would like to offer that to other aspiring Boss Babes, us women have to stick together 💁🏻‍♀️, and I want to inspire and encourage the women around me 💅🏻💃🏻.


So check it out, comment 👇🏻, and let me know what you guys think! I will be posting a new chapter every week 🗓, so donʼt miss out!


So! Last but not least, I want to tell you guys all about the NEW products I have to offer:


1. Rings - It has been a long time coming, you guys requested, and I answered! Custom Orders available, email me or contact me on any of our Social Medias.


2. Sterling Silver Regular Pendants - I know you guys never really cared too much for the Gold regular pendants, so ask and you shall receive!


3. A Ton of New Crystals - Calcites, epidote, sunstone oh my! So many new ones, go check the shop out to see them all!


4. Mystery Section - Currently only offering mystery bags, but keep an eye out for all the Mysteries that will be added in the nearby future.



For the Grand Opening Week, I have a bunch of sweet deals for you guys:



1. Free Shipping on orders $25.00 or more (USA only)


2. Purchase 2 Regular Pendants and you will Receive a surprise 3rd

necklace in your package.


3. Free Gifts 🎁 with Every Order!



Now guys not only have I been working hard on this new website, and inventory, but I have also been working on expanding my Social Media game 📱. So donʼt forget to check out 👀 all of my social media pages and follow! Iʼll love you forever and ever. Plus who doesnʼt want to get updates on whats going on over here at Touch Of A Feather 🤷🏻‍♀️?



So now that you have found us, donʼt forget to come back to the blog 📖 and check out whatʼs new in the shop 🛍 and whats going on over here.


Comment below 👇🏻 with what you think of the new website.



Until Next Time, 

Shelby Lynn

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