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Red Calcite

Shelby Apodaca

Red Calcite:

Zodiac: Cancer

Chakra: Base


Physical: Calms physical energy, good for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder


Emotional/spiritual: grounding, helps anxiety, panic attacks, and obsessive compulsive disorder.


Red calcite is a vital stone that increases energy and willingness to experience life. It Is grounding and protects energetic and emotional boundaries, alleviating “spaciness” and over extension of ones energy.

In addition to carrying the generic properties of calcite, Red calcite is an energy enhancer that uplifts emotions, strengthens willpower, opens the heart chakra, energizes the base chakra, and overcomes sexual difficulties. This stone removes stagnant energy, dissolves blockages and at a subtle level, removes the obstacles that keep you from stepping forward in your life. Red Calcites vitality makes a party swing.




– Constipation

– Fear

– Hips

– Lower limbs

– stiff joints

– study

– motivation

– laziness

– revitalization

– emotional stress

– calcium intake in bones

– dissolving calcification

– skeleton

– joints

– intestinal conditions

– skin

– blood clotting

– tissue healing

 – immune system

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