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Rainbow Moonstone

Shelby Apodaca

Rainbow Moonstone:


Chakra: All

Zodiac: Cancer 



This stone houses a spiritual being that carries the vibration of light and spiritual healing for the whole of humanity, reminding you that you are part of an on going, ever-unfolding “Cycle of cycles.” Therefore linking you to your overall lives-plan as well as the current life plan and it helps you see the unseen and intuitively opens your senses and opens yourself to spiritual gifts.




● Deep emotional healing

● Anxiety

● Female reproductive cycle

● Menstrual related disease and tension 

● Conception

● Pregnancy

● Childbirth

● Breastfeeding


● Digestive and reproductive systems

● Hormonal balance

● Shock

● Assimilation of nutrients

● Detoxification

● Fluid retention

● Degenerative conditions

● Skin

● Hair

● Eyes

● Insomnia

● Sleepwalking

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