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Orange Aventurine

Shelby Apodaca

Orange Aventurine: 


Zodiac: Taurus

Chakra: Sacral 


Orange Aventurine is considered a stone of good luck, fortune and a manifesto of exciting new possibilities. It has been called the “Whisper Stone” since the energy of this stone helps to quiet the critical and judgmental inner voice. Orange Aventurine also calms and stills the mind of inner chatter when preparing for and during meditation.

Orange Aventurine is great when dealing with issues of self-worth. Use Orange Aventurine to help you to clear blockages between the Sacral and Third Eye Chakras. Orange Aventurine can be used to enhance personal will by channeling energy through the Sacral Chakra for assimilation. This also helps one to be more discerning in their application of this will, so that one is aligned with the highest vibration.

Many use Orange aventurine to encourage perseverance. Meditating with this stone can amplify and focus energies of creativity, vitality, and determination thereby finding new ways to overcome challenges in ones life. Orange Aventurine is a powerful tool for focusing prana (life force) and raising confidence and can be exceptionally helpful in the workplace.




– Self esteem

– self confidence

– personal power

– well being and wellness

– grief

– shyness

– balances emotions

– inspires originality

– independence

– healing from sexual trauma

– meditation

– confidence

– allergies

– eating disorders

– heart

– blood pressure

– reproductive system

– intenstines

– skin problems

– nausea

– strength & endurance

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