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Shelby Apodaca



Zodiac: Gemini

Chakra: Heart


Epidote arises from the Greek words episode and donal, because one side is often larger than the other. In those who are attuned, this stone enhances perception and personal power, and dispels criticalness, enabling you to look objectively at your strengths and weaknesses. removing ingrained resistance to spiritual awakening, a powerful catharsis or abreaction of negative energy may be experienced, and this is the best undertaken with a crystal therapist. Epidote assists you in staying centered in any situation and is ideal for those who fall into victimhood or martyrdom. It supports the bodyʼs healing processes and helps you look after yourself.




– Convalescence

– emotional body

– self pity

– anxiety

– realistic

– goals

– emotional

– trauma

– grief

– stamina

– nervous and immune system

– dehydration

– brain

– thyroid

– liver

– gall bladder

– adrenal glands

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