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Blue Calcite

Shelby Apodaca

Blue Calcite:


Zodiac: Cancer

Chakra: Third Eye, Throat


A powerful healing and purification stone, Blue Calcite absorbs energy, filters it and returns it to benefit the sender. In addition to carrying the generic properties of calcite, this stone quest mental chatter and brings about clarity. Excellent for initiating spiritual growth, and for relaxation, Blue Calcite soothes nerves and lifts anxieties. Releasing negative emotions, it assists clear communication of thoughts and feelings, especially where there is dissent, and facilitates adapting to necessary change.





– Recuperation

– blood pressure

– pain on all levels

– study

– motivation

– laziness

– emotional stress

– organs of elimination

– calcium uptake in bones

– dissolving calcification

– Skeleton

– joints

– intestinal conditions

– skin

– tissue healing

– immune system

– growth in small children

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